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Our Story


Hi I’m Lyndsey and this is my husband/ soulmate Chris. In 2017 began my LiFE actually living; before then , I was a meth and pill addict for several years losing hope in myself , God, and my family lost hope in me.  In 2017, I left for 3 years in prison, where God sat me down and gave me visions of what HE had planned for me if I simply surrendered my addiction and self to HIM.  2024, here I am, serving women all over the USA, helping them shop for trends at a budget worthy price.  We love to help you shop and we love our customers.  You become my family as I love to say.  God has given me this boutique not just to help you find a bag, but to let you know HE is still performing miracles and restoring what the enemy has stolen from us all!  I am so excited to speak with you, help you shop, help find your must have items, and most of all serve and show you kindness is still existent in retail.  Here I am now with restoration, and from prison / felon status to being a member of our local chamber of commerce and running not one but two businesses faithful and as God would lead me and my crew.  

Joel 2:25 says: “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten.” This is the verse my Father above gave me and here I am alive, over 7 years drug free, and ready to help you shop trends at a price you can afford and most of all make you feel confident, worthy, and Beautiful, and to remind you FOLLOW your dreams. HIS timing, not mine.




Meet The Team

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